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The Firenze Menu   

Please note that the download menu is not current.  Please refer to the menu below for current pricing.menu-icon

Italian Cold Cut Party Sub (approximately 3 feet!) $105.00




  • 12” tray (serves 6 – 8)
  • 16” tray (serves 10 – 12)
  • 18” tray (serves 15 – 20)

Fresh Fruit 12” – $40.00/ 16” – $55.00 / 18” – $80.00
A combination of seasonal fresh fruit.

Fresh Fruit and Cheese 12” – $45.00 / 16” – $65.00 / 18” – $100.00
Fresh fruit with a trio of cheeses and crispy Italian bread.

Antipasto 12” – $55.00 / 16” – $90.00 / 18” – $120.00
Includes: grilled eggplant and zucchini, roasted red peppers, marinated mushrooms, artichoke hearts, olives, pepperoncini, cherry peppers, fresh mozzarella, salami, prosciutto and crispy baguette.

Italian Grilled Vegetables 16” – $55.00 / 18” – $110.00 (12” not available)
A beautiful, simply seasoned array of the seasons offerings.

Imported Italian Meat and Cheese 12” – $55.00 / 16” – $100.00 / 18” – $145.00
Featuring a variety of specialty meats and cheeses, assorted olives and crispy baguettes.

Hot Maryland Crab Dip – market priced
Rich and creamy with fresh baked baguette slices. 1 lb, serves 6-8.

House Smoked or Poached Salmon – $195.00 ea
With cucumber, chopped egg, red onion, capers, creamy lemon-dill sauce and fresh sliced baguette.


(15 piece minimum)

Caprese Skewers – $2.75 ea

Spinach and Ricotta Pastry Puffs – $2.75 ea

Mini Calzones – $2.75 ea sausage / peppers + cheese / pepperoni + cheese

Gorgonzola Crostini – $2.75 ea with walnut + pear

Roast Beef Crostini – $3.50 ea with arugula + horseradish crema


Small Bowl (serves up to 6)

Medium Bowl (serves up to 15)

Large Bowl (serves up to 30)

Garden with Italian Vinaigrette – sm $24.95 / med $45.95 / lg $95.95

Greek Garden – sm $29.95 / med $55.95 / lg $110.95

Traditional Caesar Salad  – sm $29.95 / med $55.95 / lg $110.95


Caprese – $5.95 / per personsalads

Pasta Salad – $4.95 / per person

Select from:

  • tomato, mozzarella and basil
  • Mediterranean orzo
  • sundried tomato with balsamic and pine nut
  • macaroni salad: shells with a creamy dressing
  • cappelini with roasted tomato, garlic and basil
  • Greek pasta salad with fusilli


Traditional Tuna Salad – $4.00 / per person

Italian Tuna Salad – $7.00 / per person

Chicken – $5.00 / per person


Meat Lasagna
Half Pan (9 servings) – $60.00
Full Pan (18 servings) – $120.00
Traditional beef with ricotta, parmesan, fresh mozzarella and marinara.

Italian Sausage Lasagna
Half Pan (9 servings) – $60.00
Full Pan (18 servings) – $120.00
A blend of sweet and hot Italian sausage with ricotta, parmesan, fresh mozzarella and marinara.


Vegetable Lasagna
Half Pan (9 servings) – $60.00
Full Pan (18 servings) – $120.00
Mushrooms, spinach and zucchini with ricotta, parmesan, fresh mozzarella and marinara.

Eggplant Lasagna (no pasta)
Half Pan (9 servings) – $60.00
Full Pan (18 servings) – $120.00
Layered and baked eggplant with ricotta, parmesan, fresh mozzarella and marinara.

Eggplant Parmesan
Half Pan (9 servings) – $60.00
Full Pan (18 servings) – $120.00
Traditional layered and breaded eggplant with parmesan, fresh mozzarella and marinara.

Pasta Al Forno
Half Pan (9 servings) – $50.00
Full Pan (18 servings) – $100.00
Baked penne pasta with a creamy blend of Italian cheeses and fresh marinara.

Pasta Al Forno w/ Sausage                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Half Pan (9 servings) – $60.00                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Full Pan (18 servings) – $120.00

Penne Pasta in Marinara
Half Pan (12 servings) – $45.00
Full Pan (24 servings) – $90.00
Penne pasta tossed in our homemade marinara, topped with grated parmesan and fresh basil.


(10 person minimum, all prices are per person)

The Tuscan – our most requested! – $13.95
Includes: assorted focaccia sandwiches (finger-sized sandwiches on our fresh baked bread made up as 1/3 Italian cold cut, 1/3 turkey and Swiss with honey mustard and 1/3 grilled eggplant with fresh mozzarella), choice of pasta salad, homemade cookies or cannoli and set-ups.

The Gourmet – $13.95
Includes: assorted crispy Italian baguette sandwiches (made up as 1/3 roast beef and brie with creamy horseradish sauce, 1/3 smoked turkey and havarti with roasted red pepper mayo and 1/3 caprese), choice of pasta salad, homemade cookies or cannoli and set-ups.

The Caesar – $18.95
Includes: traditional Caesar salad with lemon-herb chicken breast strips, garlic parmesan braided bread, fresh fruit display, mini cannoli or cookies and set-ups.

The Basic Italian – $19.95
Includes: meatballs in sauce, grilled sausage, peppers and onions, pasta marinara, garden salad with Italian vinaigrette, garlic Parmesan bread, cookies and mini cannoli, set-ups.

The Pollo – $19.95
Includes: one selection from our chicken entrees with pasta, garden salad with Italian vinaigrette, garlic Parmesan braided bread, assorted mini desserts and set-ups.

Boxed Lunches – $14.95 (no minimum)
Includes: sandwich on Tuscan bread (choose from: roast beef + provolone, turkey + provolone, Italian cold cut and/or Caprese), pasta salad, and cookie.


(24 hour notice)

Giolitti’s Focaccia Sandwiches
Our fresh baked rosemary focaccia bread as a combination of Italian cold cuts, turkey and Swiss with honey mustard and grilled eggplant with fresh mozzarella.

$85.00/half sheet (approximately 40 finger-sized sandwiches)

$130.00/three quarter sheet (approximately 60 finger-sized sandwiches)

$170.00/full sheet (approximately 80 finger-sized sandwiches)

Italian Party Sub
(approximately 3 foot; sliced, boxed or trayed)

$105.00/each (serves approximately 12-15)

Baguette Sandwiches
Our fresh baked baguettes made up as a combination of roast beef and brie with creamy horseradish sauce, smoked turkey and havarti with roasted red pepper mayo and caprese (fresh mozzarella/tomato and basil) with balsamic glaze — or your favorite combination.

$40.00/per baguette (12 slices each)


Build-Your-Own Deli Tray
(10 person minimum) – $10.95 per person

A selection of three meats and two cheeses with mini Italian rolls, focaccia bread and condiments.
Meat options: roast beef, ham, roast turkey, mesquite smoked turkey, corned beef, prosciutto, mortadella or Genoa salami.
Cheese options: American, Swiss, havarti, provolone, cheddar or fontina.


Chicken Cacciatore – $9.95
Hunter-style chicken breast in a rich and rustic sauce of tomatoes, peppers, onions, wine, garlic and herbs served with pasta.

Chicken Marsala – $9.95
A classic rendition of chicken breast in a mushroom and marsala wine sauce served with pasta.

Chicken Parmesan – $9.95
Not breaded or fried! Simply topped with mozzarella and provolone and baked in marinara, served with pasta. (available breaded upon request)

Chicken Picatta – $9.95
Pan-seared in a lemon-caper sauce and served with pasta.

Chicken Saltimbocca – $9.95
Tender chicken breast topped with prosciutto and fontina in a white wine-sage sauce served with pasta.

Manicotti – $9.95 (2 per serving) 
Select from: spinach and cheese with marinara or Alfredo sauce or mushroom and with aurora sage sauce.

Canneloni – $10.95 (2 per serving)
Seasoned beef-filled fresh pasta with creamy aurora sauce.

Cheese Filled Shells – $10.95 (3 per serving)
Served with marinara


Meatballs with Marinara – $5.95 (3 per serving)

Grilled Sausage, Peppers and Onions – $5.95 (2 links per serving)

Italian Roasted Potatoes – $4.95
Russet and sweet potatoes seasoned simply with olive oil, rosemary, sea salt and black pepper.

Broccoli Rabe – $4.95

Sauteed Spinach – $4.95


(24 Hour Notice)

Tuscan Rolls – $1.75 $1.25/mini

Tuscan Bread – $4.50 (our rustic Italian bread with a hint of wheat flour)

Butter Rolls – $1.75 each

Crispy Italian Baguette – $3.75 each

Rosemary Focaccia Bread – $4.50 per pound

Garlic Parmesan Braided Bread – $5.00 each


Please give 48 hours notice

Assorted Mini Desserts- $2.25/each
(add $5.00 for a display tray)
Includes: mini cannoli*, mini cheesecakes, lemon bars, brownies, assorted cookies (chocolate chip, snickerdoodles, oatmeal raisin and peanut butter)

*our cannoli cream contains almonds

Tiramisu –
$16.00/quarter pan
$50.00/half pan
$100.00/full pan
Traditional espresso dipped savoiardi biscuits, mascarpone cheese and chocolate.

Cheesecake – $40.00/10″ Round
Select from: Ricotta or New York-style.

Ask about our selection of specialty cakes.  10″ round starting at $70



There is a 2% service fee on all credit card purchases over $100.00 – we welcome your personal checks.

Orders and Cancellations

  • Please give 48-hour notice by 5 pm (Monday – Saturday), 4 pm (Sunday)
  • Cancellations must be made 24-hours in advance. Please phone in your order. Do not use e-mail to place orders.
  • Pick-up and delivery orders must be paid for in advance unless other arrangements are authorized.
  • Cash, major credit cards, corporate checks and personal checks accepted.
  • There will be a 2% credit card fee added to all credit card purchases over $100.00.

Delivery / Set-Up / Service

Delivery and set-up arrangements may be possible with at least 48-hour notice with fees base on party size and location (note: some popular dates and times may not be available).

Service may be arranged with notice and catering order. Please call for rates and availability.



    I couldn’t let any more time pass before I told you how perfect everything was for
Kevin’s party. It was such a blessing to have fabulous food, and to just be serving
instead of spending all of my time in the kitchen preparing.
    Thanks so much for all of your help, and I’ll definitely recommend Giolitti’s to

Best, Kris"
(August 7th, 2015)