Everything You Need to Know About Drinking Prosecco

Drinking prosecco next to an open bottle

Drinking prosecco is an excellent way to celebrate the holidays with friends and family.

While the image of popping a bottle of champagne open for celebratory occasions has been popularized for years, sipping on some bubbly prosecco is an equally fine way to mark a special occasion. The light, fizzy prosecco, has a flavor profile consisting of fresh pears and apples and tastes good alongside most meals. Prosecco is an excellent drink option for your holiday dinner parties in the next two months, and Giolitti Deli is ready to provide you with some of our favorites for purchase in our store. If you are curious as to what makes drinking prosecco so special and delicious, read on to learn about this fizzy, sweet drink and how to find the best variety for your taste. 

Prosecco Is Not Champagne

While both drinks are often bubbly and consumed during dressed-up occasions, these drinks are made differently, which influences their flavor and price. The process of making champagne takes more time and produces complex, toasty flavors. Prosecco, however, is made in large tanks (via the “charmat” method) to create its fizz and can be sold without having to age first. The charmat process also produces the relatively simple, but light, flavors you experience when drinking prosecco. 

The Glera Grape 

The Glera variety of grape, which grew way back in Ancient Rome, grew well in the Prosecco region of Italy and became the basis for the prosecco drink we know today. 

Drinking Prosecco Sweet or Dry

When you’re drinking prosecco, it can taste either sweet or dry. Prosecco comes in several varieties, which indicate their level of dryness or sweetness. The labels are confusing, however, so we’ll break it down for you: 

  • Zero Dosaggio/Nature is the driest variety of prosecco
  • Extra Brut
  • Brut
  • Extra Dry 
  • Dry
  • Semi Sweet/Demi Sec is the sweetest variety

So, if you are looking for a sweet prosecco, you may want to pick up the bottle labeled “dry.” If you’re looking for dry, go for the “extra brut!”

The Prosecco Bubbles

Prosecco may be labeled as “spumante” or “frizzante,” which indicates how the fizz in the prosecco behaves. 


Technically a “light sparkling” variety, this prosecco doesn’t keep its fizz as long as spumante. Frizzante is usually cheaper than spumante. 


Spumante translates to “fully sparkling,” and this prosecco remains fizzy for longer. 

Giolitti Deli’s Favorite Prosecco 

At Giolitti Deli, we have plenty of prosecco options. Are favorite on hand are Angelini, Biasiotto, Le Contesse, and Aragosta from Sardinia. We also carry Villa Jolanda, which we have in 750 mL bottles as well as split bottles for single servings. Now that you know a little bit more about drinking prosecco, and all the varieties available, you can visit us and select the best brand for your preference! 

Authentic Italian Cuisine From Giolitti Deli

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