8 Ways To Use Pepperoni from Giolitti Deli

Pepperoni pizza bagels

Pepperoni pizza pagels are an easy and delicious appetizer for your next party.

Pepperoni is one of our favorite versatile meats. Because it’s a favorite, Giolitti Deli wanted to ensure that we carried the best pepperoni available. We carry Citterio and Margherita brands and just recently added Olli brand pepperoni, which is gluten-free, raised without antibiotics, slow-cured, sustainably farmed, and consists of 100% vegetarian-fed pork. Our pepperoni selections are available to buy in our deli section and are great for hosting and adding to game-day pizzas or cheese trays. Besides the convenience of pepperoni slices, they’re just plain delicious. Read on for more suggestions for how you can incorporate tasty Italian pepperoni slices into some classic dishes. 

Pepperoni Pizza

Of course! This is the most popular way to use pepperoni slices and for a good reason. Placing pepperoni on top of a hot, cheesy pizza pie gives the pizza a subtle spicy kick that lingers for a while after the slice is gone. If you want a snack-sized option, pepperoni pizza bagels are a thrifty and delicious party treat. 

Cheese Boards

Placing some pepperoni slices on a cheese board next to some Parmesan, Gouda, or cheddar, provides your guests with a flavorful snack food option. 

Antipasti Skewers

If you want to go a step beyond a cheese board, you can turn your appetizers and snacks into antipasti skewers. Just load your essential ingredients—such as pepperoni, cheeses, olives, and tomatoes—onto wooden skewers. This treat offers loads of Italian flavors in one bite and acts as an easy snack to enjoy while socializing. 

On Top Of Potato Skins or Twice-Baked Potatoes

Potato skins are the ultimate comfort food, with melted cheese, meat and sour cream heaped on top of a hot potato. Usually, the recipe will call for bacon, but you can easily substitute in sliced or cubed pepperoni for an equally spicy kick. Plus, with pepperoni, your potato skin will taste a little bit like pizza, which makes it like eating two comfort foods at once.

Add to Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Pepperoni makes an excellent addition to almost any sandwich, but adding a few slices into grilled cheese lets the pepperoni pair with its best partner, melted cheese. 

Stuff Into Mushrooms

Stuffed mushrooms are another popular and delectable appetizer for parties, both casual and more formal. If you take a recipe for sausage stuffed mushrooms and substitute chopped pepperoni or mix the pepperoni with the sausage, you can create a mushroom that’s packed full of flavor. 

Layer Pepperoni into Quesadillas

One of the best qualities of Italian ingredients is that they can taste good in almost every context. You can even create a quesadilla filled with mozzarella, sliced tomatoes, and basil and add some pepperoni to the mix to mimic the traditional hot flavors incorporated into quesadillas. 

Chop Up and Add to Pasta Salad

You can easily add in some Italian staples to a pasta salad to provide your guests with a burst of flavor. Combine pepperoni, roasted red peppers, artichoke hearts, and smoky Gouda or mozzarella cheese to create an Italian pasta salad that rises above the reputation of this party staple. 

Authentic Italian Cuisine From Giolitti Deli

Giolitti Deli is a full-service Delicatessen in Annapolis, MD, specializing in authentic Italian cuisine. Founded in 1992, we use the freshest ingredients to make time-honed recipes from scratch, with no MSG or preservatives. We believe in real food and offer many healthy options, including vegetarian and vegan menu items. At Giolitti Deli, we make our own sauces, mozzarella, grilled and roasted vegetables, bread, pizza dough, and desserts, and our sandwiches, salads, pasta, pizza, and entrees are made to order. Owner Mary Giolitti has combined her passion for great food and fine wine to offer Annapolis a true taste of Italy!

Team members who also make the business possible include Manager Kathy Hunter, Manager and Catering Director Cheryl Molesky, Head Baker Porfirio Diaz, Chef Alfredo Escobar, and Deli Manager Noe Merino. To contact us, please visit our contact page or give us a call at 410.266.8600. Also, be sure to keep up with us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and our blog!

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