Surprising Mistakes You May Make When Cooking Pasta

cooking pasta mistakes

Are you cooking pasta at home? Avoid these common mistakes for excellent results.

When it comes to making the perfect plate of pasta, there are a few mistakes cooks may be making without even realizing it! While placing pasta into boiling water seems easy enough, we can do things to enhance the flavor of delicious Italian pasta further. These four mistakes are most common when cooking pasta; read on to learn how to fix them. 

Adding Too Much or Too Little Salt to Pasta Water

You should add salt to your boiling pasta water, but how much? An excellent guideline to follow is for every gallon of water, or four quarts, you should add two to three tablespoons of kosher salt. This salt should be added to the water before the pasta is added, not after. 

Adding Salt Before Cooking Fresh Pasta

However, if you are cooking pasta from scratch, you do not need to salt the water. Instead, you should salt the dough, which allows you to maintain better flavor control over your finished product. 

Pouring Sauce Over Cooked Pasta Right Away

Many people may be in the habit of cooking pasta and sauce separately and then combining them right before serving. However, this does not allow the pasta to absorb the flavors of the sauce. Instead, chefs recommend cooking dried pasta in its sauce for about six to seven minutes. If you’re cooking fresh pasta, allow approximately three to four minutes to absorb the sauce’s flavors. 

Throwing Out the Pasta Water

When you’re done cooking pasta, the leftover water shouldn’t be thrown out right away. Instead, this salty and starchy water can add loads of flavor to any pasta sauce as well as a velvety consistency. 

To use the water, you can reserve the water after you’ve drained your pasta. Then, during the final cooking stages, you can add the water by spoonfuls to your sauce. This water helps the sauce bind to the pasta better and can become an excellent thickening agent. 

By fixing these little mistakes, cooking pasta can become an even more flavorful and enjoyable experience!

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