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Giolitti Deli’s Springtime Rosa Wine Season

Friday, April 2nd, 2021
rosa wine

Rosa wine flows abundantly into glasses and is perfect for outdoor entertaining with la famiglia. Check out our stock of rosa wine at Giolitti’s Deli!

Giolitti Delicatessen and Marketplace is swiftly moving into the rosé wine season. Rosé consumption is prevalent in warmer, springtime months and summer temperatures due to its refreshing body featuring semi-sweet floral notes. In Italy, rosa wine was initially blended by crushing light grapes with red grapes to produce sparkling pink wine. There are several types of rosé wines that are particularly popular amongst locals throughout Italy: Rosato (very pale pink), Cerasuolo (cherry red), and Ramato (a pink-skinned Pinot Grigio rosa blend). Rosa flows abundantly into wine glasses and is perfect for outdoor entertaining with la famiglia! 


Prepare For Rosé Wine Season with Giolitti Deli

Friday, March 27th, 2020
Rosé wine

Rosé wine season is approaching! Learn all about this sweet wine and how to enjoy it.

As we move into spring and summer, warmer temperatures and bright sunshine, we also enter rosé wine season. Rosé may be a French word, but the wine is Italian at heart. Giolitti Deli’s wines remain available for purchase from our store, for curbside grocery pickup. Read on for what makes rosé special, and how you can enjoy it alongside some of your favorite Giolitti Deli dishes and ingredients.  (more…)