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Lolea Sangria is Available at Giolitti’s Deli for Summertime Gatherings

Wednesday, July 28th, 2021
lolea sangria

At Giolitti’s Delicatessen and Marketplace, Lolea sangria has arrived!

At Giolitti’s Delicatessen and Marketplace, Lolea sangria has arrived! Lolea is a beautifully bottled sangria line imported from Spain that encapsulates the Mediterranean lifestyle. The Mediterranean lifestyle focuses on sharing drinks and making memories with loved ones throughout the seasons. Giolitti’s Delicatessen and Marketplace currently carries Lolea no.1, a red blend intricately infused with cinnamon and Mediterranean citrus. We’re also carrying Lolea no.2, made from fizzling white wine with a hint of vanilla. In the mood for a rosé? Lolea no.5 features hibiscus flowers, grenache, and a light touch of ginger. All of Lolea sangrias are refreshing for summertime gatherings and pair well with fresh fruit in a pitcher. Come get them at Giolitti’s while supplies last!


An Introduction to Sangria and the Brands Available at Giolitti Deli

Tuesday, June 9th, 2020
lolea sangria at giolitti deli

Stop on by Giolitti Deli to pick up portable bottles of delicious Lolea sangria!

Sangria has long been a popular drink that is sweet and zesty, and extremely refreshing during the hot days of summer. Our favorite brand is Lolea, which comes in both red and white. Read on to learn a bit about this tasty drink and how you can add some flavor and sparkle to your summer. (more…)