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4 Italian Culinary Traditions You May Not Know About

Friday, October 23rd, 2020
italian culinary traditions

Enjoying multiple courses and bread with olive oil are two great Italian culinary traditions.

While you may be aware of many tasty and enjoyable Italian culinary traditions, there are a few traditions that come naturally to Italians but haven’t quite made their way over here to Italian-American tables. If you’re looking for a new way to enjoy Italian traditions at Giolitti Deli or at home, read on for a few Italian culinary traditions that will make dinnertime even more enjoyable.  (more…)

7 Italian Cooking Terms Any Foodie Should Know

Wednesday, September 16th, 2020
italian cooking terms to know

Knowing these Italian cooking terms will help you cook and order Italian food more successfully!

If you are like most people, you love Italian food: both cooking it and eating it. However, there are some terms you may come across in recipes and on menus that aren’t immediately understandable. So, to make sure you can understand your recipes to the fullest—and understand what you’re ordering—we’ve compiled a list of some of the essential Italian cooking terms to know.  (more…)

6 Essential Ingredients of Italian Cooking

Wednesday, August 26th, 2020
ingredients of italian cooking like garlic

Garlic is one of the essential ingredients for delicious Italian cooking.

Italian cuisine is beloved throughout the world because every dish is carefully made with fresh, flavorful, and nutritious ingredients. If you want to increase your quality of Italian cooking, make sure you have the following essential ingredients on hand in your kitchen.  (more…)

6 Things Americans Can Learn From the Italian Lifestyle

Wednesday, January 29th, 2020
What Americans Can Learn from the Italian Lifestyle

Take these lessons for enjoying friends and food from the Italian lifestyle and apply it to your own!

At Giolitti Deli, we try and bring an Italian appreciation for food, family, and “la vita bella” to every dish and item we sell to our guests. But what exactly is the Italian way? And do you have to wait to visit Giolitti Deli to enjoy it? Well, the answer to that last question is a resounding “no.” If you want to apply the best lessons Italian culture can teach us over here in America, read below to learn how to live the “beautiful life” every day. (more…)

6 Tips for Making Excellent Homemade Italian Food

Wednesday, January 15th, 2020
homemade Italian food ingredients

Crafting homemade Italian food is easy if you remember these essential tips.

The Italian dishes at Giolitti Deli are made on-site, with the care and attention to detail that marks the best Italian food from the rest. But how can you replicate that at home? While it’s not exactly possible to replicate the conditions and resources of an Italian restaurant in your home kitchen, there are a few basic things to remember when making your own Italian food. Read on to learn the six essential tips for making excellent homemade Italian food, and soon you will be able to enjoy Giolitti Deli Italian cuisine even when you can’t make it to our dining room.  (more…)

Celebrate National Coffee Day At Giolitti Deli

Thursday, September 26th, 2019
Celebrate National Coffee Day with Lavazza coffee from Giolitti Deli!

Celebrate National Coffee Day with Lavazza coffee from Giolitti Deli!

Italians take their coffee very seriously, and we only use the best at Giolitti Deli! Come in to try our espresso, cappuccinos, or lattes made with Lavazza coffee, or buy the whole beans or ground coffee to make at home! Continue reading to learn more about National Coffee Day, celebrated this Sunday on September 29, and Italian coffee culture. (more…)

Why Italian Food Is Healthy & Fresh Tomato Sauce Recipe

Thursday, September 12th, 2019
Learn why Italian food is so healthy and check out a fresh tomato sauce recipe!

Learn why Italian food is so healthy and check out a fresh tomato sauce recipe!

While you may associate Italian food with bread, pasta, and cheese, Italian cuisine is actually very healthy! In fact, many studies conducted on Mediterranean diets found many health benefits, ranging from reducing the risk of cancer to life longevity. Continue reading to learn why Italian food is considered so healthy! (more…)

Cater Your Next Event With Giolitti Deli!

Friday, August 23rd, 2019
Cater your next event with Giolitti Deli!

Cater your next event with Giolitti Deli!

Giolitti Deli is known for our Italian market and delicious lunch and dinner options, but did you know that we also offer catering services? The Firenze Menu includes extensive catering options for your next event, including starters, salads, pasta, buffet packages, sandwich trays, entrees, desserts, and more for groups of all sizes! Continue reading to learn more about our catering menu and our delivery and set-up services. (more…)

How To Make Pasta Aglio Olio With Fresh Garlic From Giolitti Deli

Wednesday, July 17th, 2019
Learn how to make pasta aglio olio with fresh garlic from Giolitti Deli.

Learn how to make pasta aglio olio with fresh garlic from Giolitti Deli.

Giolitti Deli just got a delivery of fresh garlic from Nature’s Garlic Farm in Easton, MD, so now is the perfect time to make some delicious summer recipes with the herb! Continue reading to learn how to make pasta aglio olio and a few tips on how to roast garlic. (more…)

Mamma Emma Italian Gnocchi Sold At Giolitti Deli

Thursday, June 27th, 2019
Giolitti Deli has Mamma Emma’s Italian gnocchi!

Giolitti Deli has Mamma Emma’s Italian gnocchi!

Giolitti Deli has a new product on sale from the brand Mamma Emma! The fresh gnocchi is produced in Italy and is so easy to make at home- simply heat in the pan with the sauce and serve. Giolitti Deli carries the gnocchi with beetroot as well as both the regular and mini potato gnocchi. All are 14.1-ounce packages and are priced at $6.99/each. We also carry the traditional Bertagni brand of frozen gnocchi from Italy. Continue reading for more information about Mamma Emma’s gnocchi and a recipe for potato gnocchi with pesto.  (more…)